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About Jan Engvald

Who am I

I was born in the fourties, in the countryside, and already as a two year old I got fascinated by technique when I got a Meccano as a Christmas present. Beginning in my fifth year I gradually also became interested in electricity, electronics and computers.

I went on junior-school, junior secondary school, technical college and finally university of technology (electronics). I am a network designer, now retired but was employed by LDC at Lund University.

As a hobby and at my job I have designed and buildt equipment using both analog and digital circuits, audio equipment as well as communications equipment. Programing languages I have used more or less are: Algol, Fortran, Simula, Cobol, Lisp, APL, Pascal, SmallTalk, ASM och C. Currently I favor x86 ASM.

My interests are: reading scientific info, nature walks, electronic design, traveling far away, photo and video, food and health, curling, archery, solar cells and electric cars.

XJE Email: Jan.Engvald`at`   (change `at` to @).